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  • Root Cause Remedies

The principles of root cause remedies

Root: Our roots are where we come from; they are our ʻohana and the stories that ground us. They explain who we are, why we fight for the things that matter to us, and our connection to the land. On the podcast, we hope to understand our guests and community members on a deeper level, through their roots. As they share their lived experiences, we will tread the path of unearthing environmental justice through their eyes.

Cause: In each episode, we will discover and break down the causes of injustice. We will fearlessly confront how colonialism, racism, and capitalism intersect to form the foundation of our inequitable society. We will challenge power dynamics while unraveling the truths of environmental injustice because they are connected. We will see how history, economies, and social structures devalue people and their land.

Remedies: In order to achieve justice and liberation, we must organize to obliterate the root causes of injustice that have been institutionalized. We see the recent uprisings and the climate crisis as urgent calls for solutions that give power back to the people–those who have been systematically marginalized for centuries. On the podcast, we will gather community activists to share their visions of societal systems and ways of living that are in harmony with the wellbeing of communities and the environment.

The path towards healing our communities and our land is radical, transformative change from that which harms and threatens us all. It is a reckoning with our individual and collective history, and how they inform the injustices we are confronted with today. True liberation is attained when Black, Indigenous, and people of color can live free from being silenced, exploited, and oppressed by the settler state. We can work together to build a future where people and the land are nourished and celebrated, never subjugated. We hope to use our podcast as a step in that reimagined future. This is a space where we can step up by stepping back to listen, unlearn, grow, and amplify others.


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