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Season 3- Energy Sovereignty starts now!

This season on Root Cause Remedies, we’re digging into Energy Justice in Hawaiʻi, and asking how we can move closer towards the goal of “achieving equity in both social and economic participation in the energy system, while also remediating social, economic, and health burdens on those historically harmed by the energy system.” Energy justice, like climate justice and environmental justice, demands ending corporate control of our resources and creating a future defined by self-determination and equity.

In this episode, we're tackling the Hawaiian Electric Company, because we can’t talk about energy in Hawaiʻi without talking about the monopoly that Hawaiian Electric has had over it since the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Then, we’ll dig into what this history means for our understanding of energy justice and how we can achieve it here at home. And youʻre in for a treat, because joining me this week is Lauren Ballesteros-Watanabe who is actually the person who dreamed up this podcast.

We are laying a foundation for the rest of the season, so get ready for a lot of information. Go grab a coffee, a note pad, or take a walk to soak it all in. The path towards collective liberation in our energy transition starts now. You can listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or on our site here.

Stay rooted,

Root Cause Remedies Wahine


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