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  • Root Cause Remedies

Welcome to Root Cause Remedies

We are a show that explores environmental justice from right here in Hawaiʻi.

The social impacts of COVID-19 have a lot of us questioning our society's addiction to capitalism and extractivism. But here in Hawaiʻi we didn't need a pandemic to tell us that we need a radical shift in the way we relate to land and each other. Last year we saw a wave of movements for Aloha ʻĀina, all across Hawaiʻi. And almost 300 arrests were made against Kiaʻi in non-violent direct actions to protect āina.

This stuff is real. And it's happening all around us. It's impacting our friends, our families, the places we love. So we're dreaming up a space where we can talk story with local folks and leaders in our community to learn more about what environmental justice—or injustice looks like here in Hawaiʻi.


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