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Meet our first guest, Kyle Kajihiro!

We are so honored to have Kyle share his wealth of knowledge and experience in environmental justice.

About Kyle:

He was born and raised in Hawaiʻi, a 4th generation Japanese in Hawaiʻi. After completing college in Oregon, he was involved in anti-fascist/anti-racist activism, the Central America solidarity movement, and immigrant worker organizing. His current work involves research, education and action for the demilitarization of Hawaiʻi and solidarity with the Native Hawaiian movement for sovereignty and human rights. He is currently teaching at UH Mānoa in the Geography and Ethnic Studies Departments  and has a Ph.D in Geography.

Kyle has written articles and has spoken at international events about resistance to the U.S. military occupation of Hawaiian lands. He has traveled to build solidarity with independence movements all over the world and is a board member of Hawaiʻi Peace and Justice. He is active with the Cancel RIMPAC Coalition.


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